Dark and Lovely (You over there)

It was one winter night in Munich, I had left work and headed home but felt I needed a fix.

I got home, left my bag and headed to my favorite Jazz bar in Munich, a 20 years’ old Jazz bar that goes by the name Jazzbar Vogler.

I had become a regular there and found myself in that cozy place.

I took bus 52 to get there even though I could walk – which I always do on the way back, sometimes to regret it due to the cold weather.

I got off the bus at Gartner Platz, walked a few hundred meters to get there.

At Jazzbar Vogler, everybody is greeted with “Guten Aaabend” by non other than Mr. Vogler himself, owner, bartender, organizer…

The place has a two-doors entrance, as soon as one enters; a strong vibe resembling an old 50s movie switches any mood leftovers from a long work day into a smoothing bliss!

I go in and we exchange greetings.

The usual he asks, I nod in agreement.

The middle of the week is usually light work as the place is not crowded and the music is  Jazz only which tends to have a very small circle of fans. That day as almost always mid-week; it was a mixture of Jazz music merged with bits of talks and laughs here and there.

At Jazzbar Vogler, there is always live music, somebody is always playing.

I sat down at the bar which had a few attendees.

A few seconds pass till my rosé is served.

What is great about aloneness is that it forces an absorption into the now, and then I was left with listening to the music, enjoying the show and sipping my wine.

Some time ago, an epiphany knocked at my door, after 50ml of rosé I tend to really get into the music, it is like the perfect dose to hinder my consciousness and let me be in synch with the music. It is no a drunk state, but a tuned in state.

So tuned in I became…

Then walked in a lady with dark hair and a “Garconne” haircut – we are gonna call her “Garconne” from now on – I only noticed her when she sat two seats to my left at the bar.

After checking the menu; she ordered red wine and started chatting with Mr. Vogler in German.

Usually the live music goes like this, between 8:30pm and 9pm the first part of the show starts, then after 45mins or 1hr; the musicians take a 15 to 20mins break. This repeats until almost midnight.

Whenever there are live music breaks, Mr. Vogler turns up the background music, it is still mostly Jazz but his own playlist.

A song was playing, I could not help but being absorbed by it, but I could not hear it clearly to figure out which one was it.

So I asked Mr. Vogler – who is still on and off in a conversation with our “Garconne”.

Me: “What is the name of this song and who sings it?”

Him: (With a big smile)
“Dark and Lovely (You over there)” he answers, the singer is “verry white”

My instant reaction was a short laugh, as it was at the same time a good pun and a bit racist to some people, I still needed to know the name of the singer, so I asked:
Me: “But what is the name of the singer?”

Him: “I already told you, Barry White!”

Who is the racist now!! I thought…but with a big laugh…

Him: “What is so funny?”
Me: “I heard you said at first Verry White as a pun”

A big laugh came from my left side, “Garconne” was apparently overhearing us…so I said hello 🙂

Now since I am a bit of a dick; I researched Barry White on my phone and then told Mr. Vogler:

Me: “You know that Barry White is very dark, does not look so lovely though!!”

Him: “I know!” with a laugh

Then again, a sharp laugh came breaching our air space from the left wing… I re-worked my hello into better terms 😀

And the night went on…

However it was only that…

If life was a movie or the world was perfect, I would have written a different ending…

We only had a chat and I got to know her a bit (turned out to be Greek).

I never saw her again…

What was left of that evening is the haunting song in my head with a beautiful woman’s face. It was not “Garconne” but a mysterious face I have never met in life…or maybe I glimpsed on one day for an instant and that blink was buried where I will never be!!

So you ask – assuming you are still reading – What is the point of this story?
(Move your head up and read the name of my blog, seriously!!)

As I am listening to “Dark and Lovely (You over there)”, I have no connection to what I felt the time that song played at the bar, maybe it was the place, the dimmed lights, maybe it was “Garconne” but then again maybe it was all of them and the weather and the drink and, and, and…

The point of the story can only “be” from my point of view, and if you – the reader – survived my slaughter of words till this part, then you might have figured out what is the point of the story from “your” point of view.

To answer my rhetoric question and satisfy your curiosity, I learned nothing much, however….

There I was and it was Dark and Lovely.