My thoughts on UFC167: St-Pierre vs Hendricks match

Some of my thoughts when watching the match, mostly technical:

1- St-Pierre is very precise, his punches are almost always hitting the chin area.

2- That beard of Hendricks is hiding most of the damage (if not mitigating some of it)

3- As opposed to St-Pierre; Hendricks does a lots of hay-makers  especially the ones that slide through the face

causing the cuts to St-Pierre’s face.

4- Most of the damage done to St-Pierre was through defensive mistakes more than the combos of Hendricks ‘s fearless attacks

ex: elbows first round, lots of room to counter in different rounds for St-Pierre.

5- St-Pierre’s one punch jab does not do it with Hendricks, a combo might (Hendricks tends to stop at each impact he takes – check the slow mo replays).

Hendricks’s counter striking is not very much tested as he tends to always be the aggressor and the one attack approach of St-Pierre suits him quite fine.

6- Hendricks’s improving stand up along with his fearlessness or willingness to take risks is a big pro for the future (as a side note, check Hendricks vs Condit, amazing match very technical from both sides, note Hendricks’s constant pressure and Condit’s amazing counter).

7- MMA guys should seriously consider training some Judo throws

i.e.: that slide on one leg or the hops are lame and easily mitigated by an ashi-barai

The single leg take-down where St-Pierre is tripping Hendrix with the other hand behind Hendrix’s anchor knee is stupid.

A Judoka would have taken his opponent on a flight in such an advantageous situation.


1 – I would have appreciated it more if Mr. White said  “This is what happens when you leave it to the judges”.

2- No need to talk trash about the Champ no matter what, especially since he performed well and behaved like a champ (by that I mean like someone you look up to, I believe he’s representing MMA in an excellent manner).

3 – Yes for a rematch although I do not think St-Pierre owes anyone anything, but Hendricks displayed dominance and if he did not win; it was very close.

4- Stop blocking videos in some countries (I’m from Lebanon), some of your online customers and lots of your fans come from this region.

5- I don’t really understand what does total strikes (as opposed to meaningful) have to do with anything meaningful in this type of fights, after all fighters are not rewarded for their intents but their results.

6- I don’t know how the scoring works but I think we all agree that a light jab is less damaging than a good old reverse when proper conditions are met(plus judging happens to be mostly subjective especially since both of these guys are known).


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