Bedtime Story – The Identity

Once upon a fake time lived a ghost in a city of angels.

The ghost lived in an identity dilemma not knowing what to be having no angel attributes.

It decided to be invisible.

The ghost went invisible to the Beholder long before chaos spread in the city when angels were no longer able to identify themselves.

Clouds went by and some angels turned into demons as wars spread in a clash of good and bad. The ghost was long forgotten and now a new identity was created and fought.

Wars went on for eons and expanded to multiple universes crashing all identities into two, angels and demons.

Among those of angels and demons were a group no longer wanting to hold identities and decided to go invisible to the Beholder in an alternate universe of invisibility.

Soon the newly found group met the invisible ghost and found harmony as the need to be identified was no more.They became a unity once a crowd.

In the other universes, the wars still raged. Identities clashed and burned, no side was to hold ground and more groups went on to become invisible…

Times came when the Beholder had fewer identities and slowly began to fade until one cloud of time; the Beholder was no more.

And so it was that the identity got lost.

Only existence at its purest is and only is until it is no more……


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