Random Thoughts

Life in general

I do not believe such thing exists as “Life in general”.

We each have different perspective on life, different experiences and different upbringings.

So it can only be “Life in specific”.



Critical thinking and some books made be believe time does not exist.

It is only a measurement tool we use to stay late and rushed (and sometimes organize our lives).

All mindful meditation practitioners know it at some point.

The most important purpose of mindfulness is shutting down the mind because it is in our mind that we “perceive” time through a non-stop sci-fi movie convincing us the future is bad and the past is regretful.

But time does not exist! just like the number 1 does not exist!


A short video of Osho explaining my point: No fear in the Now



In one sentence:

“Happiness is being at peace with one-self, with life. It is being able to live in our limitlessness, in our own skin regardless of circumstances, location, people and belongings”.

In fact I would argue that relationships do not fail because people cannot live with each others but with themselves, and that the other person at a certain point in time sheds the light on the bad side and the obvious becomes a fact.



No one is born evil per see.

People are badly raised. An upbringing of a murderer is that killing is the act of doing “right”.

Yes, some mental illness is involved, but this is life.

Can’t have good if there is no evil.



I would rename this to anxiety, fear and constant stress in our current life standards.

We are alive and this is the end goal by itself.

This point is related to the “Happiness” point, when we come to this world; we are offered free air and free space and the universe gives us a hindsight of all the possibilities so much that we get lost. But we shouldn’t!

Being this or that is not going to change anything in a person if this person cannot properly BE at first.

So we struggle in life, we work hard to reach our goals, get positions and wealth day in day out.

When we finally reach our goal; it suddenly becomes lacking, not enough.

So we charge again and again in endless cycles of “something is STILL missing” until we are doomed.

Surely, we live in a huge universe which we fail to comprehend or even digest.

We live on a tiny planet with multiple species and we have only existed for some thousand years.

Everyday, people are born and others die.

What does really make us special as individuals?

You might answer: the things we do, the things we achieve.

Achievement should not be an end goal but a mean to grow in life.

I believe the sole purpose of  human existence is to enjoy life.

Enjoying life is irrelevant of achievements.

It is that child mentality where everything is a happy game, life is a wonder and the universe is an amazing place.

“Achievement is making a small return investment to what life has offered us for free”.



The only gateway I know to be at Peace within and without is Mindfulness (life in every breath, awareness, living in the now).


Mindfulness is the practice of clearing our fake perception to life, this perception is useless and detrimental (if you watched the linked video in the Time section you would understand).

In retrospect to everything a person lives in life, a deep observation leads to the fact that the answers were, but we weren’t watching.

One of the best sayings engraved in my head is the following by Eckhart Tolle:

“One cannot fight something that already is” (I did not intentionally reference it because I fail to remember where I read it).



As a side note, one good book explaining why some people achieve and others don’t in a logical way is called Outliers and it has some interesting insights.



Diet, exercise, lack of stress….

Health is primarily mental and not physical.

The human body can tolerate and adjust.

I have been reading a book titled Mind over Medicine by Dr. Lissa Rankin.

This book talks about the placebo effect and the nocebo effect, it references stories, scientific experiments and trials about how beliefs and perceptions can cure or kill.

One part talks about how people living a non-healthy lifestyle seem to get by life with no health issues while others living a healthy lifestyle face a multitude of health issues.

The point was made that it is mostly how one lives life mentally, stress free, in a supportive environment that makes a difference.


That is all for now, I would like to believe somebody is reading this and getting infected positively, but if not, well; I am.



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